10 Interesting Facts About Nike You Never Knew

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Nike is one of the most popular and dominant sports brand of all. They are known for best quality sportswear and great advertising campaigns. Founded way back in 1964, Nike has been loved by people for 50 years. You might be the biggest lover of Nike out there but we bet you didn’t know these 10 interesting facts about the multinational brand.

1 – Blue Ribbon SportsBlue Ribbon Sports

Not catchy like “Nike”, right? Not even Dimension Six works well.

2 – The Goddess of VictoryThe Goddess of Victory

The Greek Goddess must be proud to know that a brand named after her really flourished. Greek mythology does make sense after all. A great name with a great meaning behind it.

3 – Waffle IronWaffle Iron

Who thought that the Nike footwear design was inspired by waffles? You’ve got to start somewhere, even if it means you have to put a show inside a waffle iron.

4 – Nike Swoosh

Nike Swoosh

A $35 dollar design became the logo of a multinational brand. It’s pretty motivating to think that you never know when your small project could achieve so much success over time.

5 – Let’s do itLet’s do it

Pretty morbid inspiration, that’s for sure. At least the serial killer gave something useful to the world.

6 – RevolutionRevolution

A great Beatles song can always create attraction. The commercial must have been great.

7 – World’s largest Nike Store

World’s largest Nike Store

Every wonder where the world’s largest Nike store is? Well it’s actually called NikeTown covers 42,000 square feet. It even has four floors; a heaven for all athletes.

8 – Sale each yearSale each year

We’re pretty sure you never guessed such a big amount. Although Nike manufactures and sells a variety of things but even then 900 million is a huge number. You can estimate the company’s success by that.

9 – Millennia’s favorite brandMillennia’s favorite brand

And the reason why it sells approximately 900 million items is because it is considered the millennia’s favorite brand. It is the most loved brand when it comes to athletic shoes.

10 – Smart footwearSmart footwear

The reason behind Nike’s immense success is that they keep themselves up to date. As the world is rushing towards new technologies, why would Nike stay behind?