A Shocking Look Into The Abandoned Venue of Rio Olympics

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2016 Olympics was a major international, multi-sport event that was organized in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. More than 11,000 athletes from 207 nations participated in this mega event. Olympics is one of the most anticipated sports tournament of the world and it a privilege for the host to be a home to it. A lot of controversies surrounded the host country due to their unstable government, health and economic issues. There was a heated debate over the fact if Rio should be the host to the event. Despite everything Rio Olympics was a hit and gave back some amazing memories. However the recent look at the Olympics 2016 venue is rather depressing. The site is completely abandoned and is going to a waste. Have a look at it yourself.

1 – The Olympic Golf Course

The Olympic Golf Course

Could’ve anyone guess that just 6 months back, world class international player played gold at this site? It took the hosts 3 years to build this golf course and it caused a lot of controversy because it was built in a national wildlife reserve. Now the course is abandoned, it isn’t maintained or used and the wildlife has been disturbed too.