Adam West – “Batman” Star Dies at the Age of 88

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Adam West was one of the “originals”.

While these days celebrities and all actors go from “loved to hated” in a heartbeat, Adam has always maintained a good standard.

He was one of the most beloved Hollywood stars and worked very hard for it!


The 60’s series of “Batman” featured West as the hero and he kept the good humour throughout all of his career.

Adam has died at the age of 88.

His humor was probably one of his best assets – and what probably got in our hearts forever.

After the hit series “Batman”, the iconic image of Adam West failed to create an acting career for the young star so he started work on voice overs!

His most recent work and a long standing position was in the tv show “Family Guy” where Adam West played… himself!

Getting laughter from his own commiseration was pleasing to West and the role in “Family Guy” showed to a younger audience how diverse can an actor be – and how humble Mr. West really was…

Adam West will leave a great scar in many hearts – either for his role as Batman or for his many and diverse works throughout his life.

Never forfeiting the laughter, Adam West was a great philanthropist and he always felt connected to his audience. Wits and intelligence.


In the 2014 Comic Con, he had this to say about his career after the role of Batman…

“I look around and I see the adults — I see you grew up with me, and you believe in the adventure. I never believed this would happen, that I would be up here with illustrious people like yourselves. I’m so grateful! I’m the luckiest actor in the world, folks, to have you still hanging around.” 

RIP Adam West