Alex Rodriguez’s Ex Girfriend is Going for Extortion!

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When you think “Alex Rodriguez” you can probably picture Jennifer Lopez by his side. And vice-versa.

The couple has been going strong for quite some time now and things are getting serious…

But Alex Rodriguez can’t get a break – his past comes back to haunt him…

His ex girlfriend is now turning his life a living hell!

She is threatening to publish and distribute confidential information about Alex and both of them.

We cannot pronounce about the subject matter of those information’s and pictures but we can picture what it might me…

Why? As we have learned, after the breakup in 2014, A-Rod and his ex were still in touch – he was handing out money to help her from time to time.

But it all changed when the relationship with Jennifer Lopez became public…

Apparently, the ex has still got some major issues to resolve with Rodriguez – she didn’t like seeing him flaunting his new arm candy and she now demands $600,000 from him to keep her quiet.

If Alex does not comply, she will “leak out private messages from [him]” – for the whole world to see and hear.

Jealously has an ugly face but still – would those messages and exchanges be important for Jennifer Lopez to learn? 

What do you think?