Amber Rose Shares Racy Photo – Without any Pants…

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Amber Rose knows she has an amazing body.

She can be seen in the most outrageous and sexy outfits where she almost “bares it all” throughout the red carpets.

But more recently, Amber was the cause of an internet stir – because of a racy picture…

Her NSFW kind-of picture leaves little to imagination.

The singer lays on a flight of stairs with no more than a bikini top…



But don’t worry, she’s not doing it to get some attention!

The picture (that Instagram soon deleted for it’s sexual content) was just a helping hand in promoting this year’s “Slut Walk”.

While it may sound bad it’s actually a very good cause.

The 33 year old singer created the event to empower women, fight for gender equality and addressing other feminine issues in our society.



Amber Rose has already dabbled in unusual fashion and style but never before she let the world take a look at all of her body like this..


Amazing confidence!