Beautiful and Trendy Sunglasses for This Summer

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It’s time to update your sunglasses to the trends of this Summer!

You surely have your regular pair – the one you are used to grab in an instant for any situation.

You can keep those but try one of this statement pieces as well.

Beautifull Sunglasses for This Summer


You will likely to fall in love with one of these trends and have a new pair of go-to sunglasses.

The trends for this Summer are quite striking and stylish, making the outside a perfect occasion to show off these spanking new shades!

The Colored Lenses

This is one of the biggest trends this Summer.

The Colored Lenses

There is a vast choice of different colors so choose one that matches your style best.

They are a bit retro (think of the 70’s lenses) but their fashion sense is very futuristic and actually very fun as well!

Dare to wear any striking color?

Over Sized Aviators

The 70’s vibes are alive in these plastic and acetate options of oversized sunglasses…

Over Sized Aviators


They usually come without a noticeable frame but if you dare, choose a colored bold frame for the extra effect.

It does not have to fit your face perfectly – the goal is precisely to appear a bit larger than they should!

And you can mix this trend with the colored lenses and amp your style game!

Round Lenses

The sleek circular shape is great for any face shape!

Round Lenses


While it might seem they are not for everyone, it’s all about the size of the circular lenses – they have to fit your face frame.

The vibes are retro again and the lenses should go up to your eyebrows for full effect.

Choose a sleek version with no rims or go for a bolder look with accentuated frames.

Cat Eye Shape

There’s not a sexier sunglass shape than the cat eye…

Cat Eye Shape

The cat eye shape fit universally well so you don’t have to worry about how it will fit your face shape!

You can go for extra bold frames and colored lenses for a statement piece or choose a rather simpler look with regular dark lenses and clear frames.

Funky Geometric

This trend is for the boldest of them all!

Funky Geometric


These shapes are out-of-the-box but they’re also very futuristic looking.

Geometrical sunglasses are probably the most striking and bold – a quirky effect with hexagonal or pentagonal frames.

This trend is to be used with sleek frames and lenses – not much a color fun fest but rather demure colors for a bold statement.


Have you chosen your favorite trend? Get your style up to date!