The Best Beauty Hacks with Amazing Pictures – Easy to Follow!

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For some years now, the beauty community has been as creative in the looks they come up with as with the pictorials that they have designed!

For many beauty hacks, pictures do speak louder than words – and most of the times, these simple visuals instructions are way more easier to understand than any wording ever will!

We have gathered what we consider to be the best beauty hacks in the shape of pictorials!

Easy to follow tricks for your make-up and beauty – keep the pictures or you can even print them out!


This an easy one but still the visuals are striking.

Many times, the mascara wand coming off the tube gathers way too much product – resulting in clumpy, spider lashes.

Whenever you apply mascara, you should spread a bit of product in a clean cloth or kleenex – it’ll keep the product in the right amount to coat your lashes but not glue them together!