Bill Cosby’s Trial as The Prosecution Rests

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This was the mugshot that shook the world… 

Bill Cosby, once the “dear dad of America”, was arrested on charges of sexual assault and rape.

His long-standing career being one of the most dearest faces in Television was abruptly ended when rumors surfaced a decade ago…

The rumours started as jokes given that many women were afraid to speak out and only a small group of individuals knew how Bill Cosby could truly become a monster.

The Police investigated the allegations and they were absolutely shocking – Cosby would drug young women, sexually assault them and then he would throw them out of his hotel rooms.

Horrific news about such a loved figure!


His trial for sexual assault is on-going but many women – purportedly about 30 – have claimed being victims but Bill can no longer face prosecution for those cases due to the statue of limitation being way over.

The case Bill Cosby is facing at trial is a more recent event for which he can go to jail for a long time.


Bill had to testify under oath back in 2005 relating to a sexual assault charge and that is when the rumours were confirmed.

He testified that he had given  “quaaludes” to young women and handed them diluted in drinks – the victims had no idea of what was about to happen.


One of his accusers is a young woman who worked on his TV Show. She has testified that Bill Cosby raped her in exchange for the guest appearance on his series.

The young woman was then too afraid to speak out because “no one would believe [her].”

The defense is about to start as the prosecution already rested.

We will keep you updated on the subject!