Charlie Sheen Is Being Sued Over Allegedly Exposing Ex-Lover to HIV

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Charlie Sheen is again facing charges…

Another woman is claiming Sheen has done something terrible…

She claims the actor lied about being HIV-positive and exposed her to the virus during unprotected sex between the two.

According to the lawsuit, Sheen and this woman met around September 2015.

Then, before any sexual intercourse ever happened between the two, the woman claims she asked Sheen if he had any STD’s.

Charlie Sheen’s answer? Allegedly, he responded with “I’m fine, you need to trust me!”.

The most awful gesture from Sheen, if this Jane Doe is actually being truthful, was right after they had unprotected sex for the first time.

From the lawsuit we could read that right after intercourse, Sheen got up to smoke a cigarette and when he got back in the room he “threw a bottle of pills on the bed” and told her that in fact he was HIV-positive.

He admitted to lying previously and told her if she took some medicine it wouldn’t be a problem…

This Jane Doe also claims the actor said some bizarre things including telling her that “When you come down with this [HIV], that we’re together and at least we have each other!”


OMG! These are some serious allegations – what do you make of them?