Chris Cornell’s Wife Tells All About His Last Moments

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Chris Cornell was the voice for a generation.

The singer was frontman in two major bands – Soundgarden and Audioslave.

And while Cornell managed to settle down with a wife and kids, some demons were not going to give up…

Chris Cornell

This year, Chris was found dead from suicide – hanging.

At 52 years of age and three kids, he decided his pain was too great for him to keep going.

But his wife was already suspecting some of his behavior…

Vicky was the wife and he had a chilling story to tell family and friends.

She has said that the last time she talked to her husband was a mere 30 minutes before his body was found in his Detroit hotel room.

When she talked to him she asked him if he was responsible for the flickering lights back in their home – because Chris carried a long-distance control of the house lights.

He told Vicky he had done so but not at the time she suspected of… After this strange “lights on lights off” from a distant remote control, she noticed his speech became more and more confusing.

The slurring of the words were now very clear to Vicky and she immediately recalled moments from 14 years ago when Chris was abusing substances.

Chris then started to yell about the poor conditions of his tour, using foul language and complaining – all the while becoming more confused and his speech incoherent.

When she asked about any substances he might had taken, Chris replied angrily that it was a minor subject.

But as Vicky had seen Cordell almost dying from drugs years before, she knew what was up…

She was in a panic when she asked a friend and bodyguard to check on him.

She was still on the telephone with his bodyguard when he stumbled on Chris Cornell hanging from the ceiling…

It was only 30 minutes from the last time Vicky spoke to Chris and his body being found…

How awful…