Create an Effective Workout Routine and Maximize Results

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There are small details that make all the difference in a workout routine.

You might think you are doing everything right but something may be hindering your progress or your body toning is uneven.

These tips are small reminders of what your body truly needs in order to maximize results!


Move your body around in all directions!

If you really think about it, most exercises will use your sagittal plane – moving forward and backwards in every exercise.

But your body needs to turn and twist and work on its sides!

While the primary moves of the front-to-back are really important, you should incorporate exercises that will challenge your body in new directions.

Lateral squats, lateral step-ups, Russian twists or t-push-ups are amazing to move your entire body.



The amount of reps of squats or crunches should vary throughout time.

Stalling in a secure number of exercises will result in your body adapting to them – and the results will no longer satisfy you.

For all main exercises, change the amount of reps each month (a higher number followed by a lower number).

Your body will show the difference!


There are the secondary exercises and the most important ones in a workout.

You should start every workout with the hardest exercises – boosting your muscles for amazing results.

If you leave squats and jumps and all the heavy lifting towards the end, your muscles will be tired by then and the results will be disappointing…


The best workout routine makes sure that all of your body is equally challenged.

Symmetry should be the focus: no part of your body is neglected and you have a full body workout.

Balance the needs of the different parts of your body by working out the weaker and less thought of parts – the neck, the shoulders and more.

All of these are usually not the focus of the exercises but they are essential to a good workout.