MTV Star Danny Dias Dead at 33 – Possible Suicide

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Danny Dias became one of the famous faces of MTV’s reality shows at the season 13 of “Road Rules”.

The network has a string of hit shows where contestants are pushed into ruthless physical challenges and Danny fought them good.

But the news are awful…

Danny Dias, 33, was found dead from a possible suicide…

According to Police, he was found with deep cuts in his wrists but it is not known yet what caused his death.

Besides the lacerations, Danny Dias was said to be taking mushrooms and LSD the last time he was seen alive by a friend…

Then he stopped answering the telephone and wasn’t heard of for 2 days until the Police were called to his apartment in Brooklyn.

Police found an awful bloody scene with Danny having been deceased for two days already.

The cops are ruling his death a possible suicide – an overdose or the loss of blood can be the cause.

RIP Danny.