Derrick Rose Beef with Coach Hornacek? Top 10 Coach-Player Beef in NBA History

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Stephon Marbury vs. Isiah Thomas

Stephon Marbury vs. Isiah Thomas

New York Knicks 2007

We already knew Isiah Thomas sucked at putting a winning team together, and his constant battles with “star” Stephon Marbury confirmed that he wasn’t much better at managing players, either. Marbury grossly underperformed, forcing Thomas to tinker with his minutes and yank him from the starting lineup early in the 2007-08 season; Starbury did not take too kindly to that, and the reports of the resulting confrontation on the team plane have varied from words to actual fisticuffs.

Regardless of the specific nature of the battle, Marbury’s bloated contract actually allowed him to win the war; Thomas was fired in April of 2008, whereas Marbury stayed with the team until February of 2009 (albeit on the restricted list) before his contract was bought out.