Dieting – Is Intermittent Fasting an Option? A Simple Breakdown

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dieting intermittent fasting

Have you ever heard of intermittent fasting?

It is one of the biggest trends in the fitness community right now.

For a healthy life style or for the sole purpose of losing weight, it seems this diet is gaining more followers each day!

This is the breakdown of this (quite controversial) dieting option!  


Intermittent fasting is the term used to describe a diet in which there are turns between eating meals and fasting for some time.

These blocks of time are essencial to intermittent fasting as this diet is not about what you eat but rather about when you eat it!

The most usual practices of this regimen go on two variations:

  • fasting for 16 hours every day (where the period you eat goes around 2pm to 10pm for example)
  • fasting for a whole 24 hours (from dinner to the next day dinner for example) – this situation can only be used twice a week.


Intermittent fasting allows your body to function differently from the usual constant intake of food.

Your body will attend to its needs using the supplies of fat stored in your cells!

The cells also react by repairing themselves and all in all “refresh” your body.

The Human Growth Hormone (that is involved in losing fat and gaining muscle) spirals up and your body is guaranteed to change!


The weight loss benefits of this diet or process make this one of the biggest trends in the fitness and health communities.

Reducing the hours when you eat will lower your calorie intake and less calories mean leaner body – as long as you don’t overcompensate and take your regular calories in that smaller time period!

As well as the lower intake of calories, the body will burn them faster – these are the two major benefits that will show right away.


There are some studies being conducted that point to intermittent fasting as a very healthy option of dieting or lifestyle!

The benefits not only focus on the weight loss – there are many more positive outcomes.

It can help lowering blood sugar levels and reducing insulin resistance – keeping diabetes at bay.

It can also reduce the bad cholesterol – a serious risk for heart disease.

As this process will turn your body less prone to inflammations in general, it has been said it can help you live longer!


If you are reading this and feel ready to start today, read this first!

Not everyone can follow this regimen and it’s certainly not for everyone…

If you have a history of eating disorders or you already have a very low BMI you should forget about this option and find something that won’t make you shed weight.

Some women can miss one or two periods when they start this diet and if they do they should reduce the fasting time.


Take good care of yourself every day!