DOs and DON’Ts of Digital Marketing: Things You Should Be Aware of

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We are living in such a multi-modal digital planet that nobody would ask a question whether businesses should go digital for their marketing or not, rather every business is looking for what can be done as the most effective digital marketing strategies. Therefore, it becomes obvious for the marketers as well as for businesses to adopt most possible ways in order for their marketing-digitization to become a turn-taking success story!

The key to success is to understand the customers and their digital engagement and online behaviors, the channels and their individual characteristics. Some basic tips and techniques can make earth-shaking differences that you might not think.

Things to Know as You Go with Digital Marketing

  1. DOs

Feel free to ask experts’ help

It will not be wise to think that you know everything. In fact, we do not know everything in this ever increasing cyber world, and about human minds. On the other hand, digital world is a rapidly changing platform where it is tough to keep pace simultaneously with many things. Practically speaking, some people are very good at finding new marketing strategies where others struggle to do the same. It should not be a matter of hesitation for asking help from experts. Some people, indeed, are living by making wonderful marketing strategies for others and they are updating themselves on this arena as it is their bread and butter.

Talk to the people who can help you and let them know about your business, type of products or services, share your vision – they will definitely sort out the best suited strategies that exclusively work for your business. Alternatively, it would be good idea to learn from the experts and try to do it yourself.

Have a good sense about your brand and competition

There will be no way out if you don’t know your audience and the competition. That means, get to know your potential customers as well as the competitors so that you can aim your gun to the exact target. That is, sound branding idea and knowledge of proper audience will definitely help to find out a work-for-you marketing plan before you spend thousands for your digital marketing. Try to chalk out your strengths and weaknesses, know about competitors and compare what you can give the consumers better than others do. Analyze the general features and trends of business in the existing market and find your hits to make.

Write authentic contents                                                              

The most valuable asset on internet is good contents. Audience wander online very fast as they are always in a hurry, to be honest. That’s why they will only stop by if they find something appealing and useful for them. In addition, they will start relying on you as a good source and gradually they will come back to you to find something they are looking for. In other words, your leads will become your consumers that you have created through your contents.

Likewise, high quality contents are the most important weapons to rank the page higher in search engines. One thing you need to remember that your contents should be an answer to a question, a solution to a problem, or an important insight for the readers. After all, contents must be engaging and interesting as well. Finally, don’t forget to provide regular updates.

Consider diverse modalities

Do not depend on one-directional marketing plan. To make it clear, customers are stepping into different online channels like social media, text, video, email, blog, podcasts, pictures etc. That’s why, digital marketing target also should have multitude of channels and directions. Follow the proverb-“Don’t put all the eggs in one basket”. Another important thing to share, contents must not be limited to only texts. Pictures, videos, infographics, slides, tutorials etc. are all part of contents.

Engage your audience

You are not doing the right thing if you ignore the public. Do not always show them the FAQ portion of your website; rather let them have the opportunity to interact with you in a less automatized manner. For example, answer their question online, provide them option for comments etc. Remember, it’s not their advantage that they interact with you, the business is yours. Thus, it will act as a much stronger campaign than traditional publicity.

  1. DON’ts


Just to say, spam is the worst of all. There is nothing more disturbing than spam in the virtual space. Users just take few seconds to close the page if they find something fishy. Don’t even think about it, otherwise you are going to lose your business permanently.

DO NOT Copy (Obviously you will not)

It is needless to say that there is no alternative to originality. Copying will never bring you success in long run. Moreover, you will lose the customers’ trust as well as you will have to face penalty from the search engines. After all, you don’t want to go unethical, of course.

DO NOT forget mobile users

Keep in mind that most of today’s on-liners are mobile users. So your contents should be made mobile friendly. By doing this you are engaging ever possible user with you.

DO NOT be an Overt Seller

People don’t like to listen to sales pitching at all. Generally, they buy things after many thoughts. Therefore, try to make them read your contents, build up a trust and engage themselves. On return, they will find you out in their needs and search for if you have anything to offer. Let the customers come back to you. Make good audience, they will make you business.

Let digital marketing be a friend of your business. Stay updated with current trends and technologies, because that’s the money.