Event Calendar of Sports Lovers: Biggest Sports Events of 2017

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For sports lovers, 2016 was a great year full of exciting events. Among all of the national and international events, you remember the Olympics, The world series, and the NBA finals very well, don’t you?

Now its time to move forward. The new year has arrived and also a lot of new and exciting sports events on the calendar. Before getting into the zone, lets have a peek on the major sports events of 2017. In this article, I have short-listed top 10 biggest events of 2017 that are for people who are up to sports and games.

Sports Events of 2017: 1 of 10- Super Bowl LI, Feb 5

Super Bowl LI

In this year, Super Bowl Tournament will take place in Houston for the third time in history. Many of the people are super excited about this event because, as a special attraction, Lady Gaga will be a part of the show while performing at the halftime.