Top 10 Influential Events on Technology in 2016

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Influential Events on Technology in 2016: 1 of 10- Immune Engineering 

Immune Engineering

Engineered immune cells are yet wondering that saves the life from cancer. It is a new immunotherapy for treatment with a view to developing immune system functioning for the prevention of disease and kill cancer cells. In the end of 2015, former president Jimmy Carter got affected with metastatic melanoma cancer and got treated with an immunotherapy drug for surgery purpose and radiation application. This very new approach has shown a promising outlook.

Brian Baker, a renowned chemist from the University of Notre Dame has developed such immunotherapy in order to proceed immune system functioning and the therapy acts as to cancer is treated stated by him. Here T cells usually play an important role for the immune system in order to attack pathogens and cancer cells. Notwithstanding, he has been able to show a new method for creating T cell receptors and they are able to mark specific cancer antigens to produce antibodies accordingly. This event on technology development and advancement has made 2016 so great.