Fan Wears Chelsea Jacket to Man Utd vs Everton Game and Everyone Lost Their Sh*t

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Emily Rogawski wearing Chelsea Jacket

It’s a given that the clothes you wear to a football match are pretty important. If you’re caught on the wrong side, shit can go down.

Emily Rogawski, a Chelsea lover and Drogba obsessive, wore her blue and white Chelsea Jacket to a Manchester United versus Everton game. It didn’t take long for individuals on Twitter to see the blonde New Yorker who stood out like a sore thumb. Individuals rushed to accept she was dumbfounded, however in truth she is a die-hard football fan and put the haters in their place. In the wake of turning into a scaled down viral sensation, Emily chose to clarify that her Chelsea Jacket was the main winter coat she had.

With all sorts of social media, talking about the new hype, fans and watchers were quick to judge on the dumbfounded look on Emily’s face. She was on twitter, Facebook, and all sorts of blog websites.

As opposed to a portion of the tweets that recommended she’d got tickets for the wrong diversion, Emily has since affirmed that her football fidelities do to be sure lie with the Stamford Bridge club, in spite of her appearance at Goodison Park. She was even at the Etihad yesterday to watch her side record a 3-1 triumph over Manchester City. Having seen a couple tweets thumping around, Emily took to Instagram to clarify that she was a Chelsea fan furthermore to disclose that she’d gone to the diversion as a result of her adoration for football as a rule.

Obviously we’ve all been to an amusement that is between two groups we dont’s support, I recollect my time at Preston North End versus Sunderland in the Championship, however most fans don’t go there wearing their own groups gear.

It’s no genuine astound that Emily is getting a cluster of consideration. She’s an inspiration to football fans everywhere…