Fashion Hacks – Simple Pictorials that Will Transform Your Clothes!

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As with beauty hacks, fashion has a lot of tips and tricks to renew pieces of clothing you no longer use…

Some instructions can be really hard to follow and you end up ruining a perfectly good t-shirt someone else could’ve used!

In the internet there are amazing pictorials about fashion hacks but not every single one is easy to follow or has good final results…

We did all the work for you and found the perfect fashion hacks – simple, beautiful and stylish!

Try these for this Summer and get new clothing pieces from your old ones – try them today!


There’s something about a simple, white top that is not that appealing – it goes well as a casual fit and for a run at the mall.

You probably have some of these kind of basic tops in your wardrobe so why don’t you turn one of them into a sexy top? A plunging neckline and the fit on the waist is amazing on this one!