George Clooney is an “Amazing Father”

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We already knew that George Clooney is a fine gentleman – he would make a great dad.

But now we can confirm it!

The first Father’s Day for George Clooney was spent feeding and changing diapers.

At 56 years old, Clooney is the proud parent of twins Ella and Alexander.

A source near the family has shared that

“He’s an amazing dad — it’s like he was born to be one. George and Amal are even closer now that they have the twins, and he’s filled with wonder at what an awesome mother she is, so loving, patient and kind.”

We know all about what is happening with George Clooney’s Fatherhood and it’s a beautiful thing to know…

“George is a total hands-on dad, he changes the diapers, gets up for the midnight feeds, and is by the babies’ sides as soon as they start crying,”

“They have slotted into family life so quickly, and George finds it hard now to remember what his life was like before Ella and Alexander arrived.”


We hope his first Father’s Day was filled with laughter, love and belly kisses!!