Girl Turns £500 into a Fashion Empire

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Karina Irby instagram

Moana Bikini – Start of It All

Back in 2010 Karina Irby was a nobody. Now she’s raking in millions of Aussie dollars all because of a business loan from her father. After being fired from the local surf shop, Karina was left disillusioned but not fazed by the tragedy. Eager for revenge, the young entrepreneur asked her father for a loan of $500 Australian dollars so that she could set up her dream bikini fashion business: Moana Bikini. Karina started by investing all of her time, effort, and dollars into one risky move. By utilizing social media, Karina has been and still continues to build up her brand and life to the whole world.

Moana Bikini

How She Made Money Flaunting Bikinis

Fast forwarding six years, Moana Bikini has 400,000 Instagram followers and has customers raining in from every corner of the globe. Also Moana Bikini is the go-to bikini shop for women all over Australia. All the internet fame and the thousands of people that follow her on social media, allowed Karina to build the global business she has always dreamed of. Now, judging from her almost ‘sold out’ website, Karina continues to grow out her brand like wildfire.

Bikini queen

The Results

Again, with over 400,000 Instagram Followers and 80,000 followers on Tumblr, Karina rides the social media waves. As for the shop that fired her, news around town is that they are currently out of business due to high competition. You may ask yourself, how do you make it in the cutthroat world of business? According to Karina, the answer is simple, get fired, get a loan, and follow your dreams.