Hilaria and Alec Baldwin in Hot Makeout For All Instagram to See

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Just in case you didn’t know, Alec Baldwin is very much a family guy…

Alec has been with his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, for eight years – five of those they’ve spent already married.

The couple has three children who they love very much but it seems the love for each other is specially still very passionate

And they’re not ashamed to show how passionate towards each other they still are…

Alec, 59 and Hilaria, 33 have shown to the world what a makeout session truly is – using Instagram and some steamy pictures!

Hilaria shared the video of the couple smooching out with the caption “Alec wants me to post this”.

And the images are a bit NSFW don’t you think?

Live making out apart, the couple keep showing how much they love one another.

Alec has been very supportive of the eating disorder issues of Hilaria and, in return, Hilaria changed Alec’s whole lifestyle and diet when they found out he was pre-diabetic…

True love is the case with these two Hollywood stars and we couldn’t be happier!


Do you think these videos and pictures were a bit NSFW or are they fine?