The Hottest Trends in 2017 Coming From The 90’s

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The 90’s came with some crazy trends…

The colorful 80’s were over but the 90’s created some new shapes that transformed fashion.

The grungy style or the girly crop tops and checkered skirts are just some of the trends that are now being used again!

If you thought the 90’s are your worst fashion nightmare, check again – the trends are back and you might find yourself looking at old photos with an awe.

In adulthood, these 90’s vibes work even better!

The Chocker Necklace

This was a crazy trend – everyone – we mean everyone – had a chocker necklace!

Chocker Necklace


Those tended to be plastic ones and they were not that fashionable but the fashion has amped up the style and now there is a vast choice to wear on your neck.

You can find them anywhere – in velvet, rhinestones and even in holographic plastic.

Wear them out with pride!

The Overalls!

If you hated this as a kid because it took away all your style, these are here to stay now.



This a very versatile and functional piece that you should check and keep in your wardrobe.

It seems this piece is here to stay and they are very stylish!

Rock these out with confidence.

The Crop Top Craze

This mini version of a regular top was the must-have piece in every wardrobe.

Crop Top Craze


They come in various textures, shapes and textiles but always short!

Showing a bit of skin is sexy and a crop top can go with any other piece – whether it is a short skirt or some casual jeans!

High Waisted Jeans

For years we could not find anything except low waisted jeans.

But now the high waist is back!

High Waisted Jeans

This shape of jeans are just perfect for any figure – it will accentuate your waist and create that hourglass figure.

They usually come in a stretchy denim so they are super comfortable to wear.

These are the new must-have jeans – go find a pair right now!

The Backpack

Do you remember how handbags were ditched in favour of backpacks in the 90’s?

We bet you promised yourself not to use a backpack again, right? Well, it’s time to break that silent promise!


Backpacks are trendy and stylish right now!

During the 90’s most backpacks were not that versatile in shape and texture but now you will find a vast array of different materials and styles.

There is one perfect backpack for every girl out there – it’s time to keep things casual!


Fashion comes and goes and it certainly does not mean things are out of style.

Refresh your wardrobe to the 90’s style!