It’s Amazon Vs The World – Biggest Competitor To Many Tech Giants

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Amazon has grown significantly since its inception in 1994. Since then it has grown from an online book store to a multi billion dollar electronic commerce and cloud computing entity. It now has a presence in all sorts of industries from retail to shipping to cloud computing. Amazon is giant of a company and has recently become the 4th most valuable public company. It is considered a competitor to big names of multiple industries such as Google, Walmart, Apple and Skype. Amazon is willing to try itself in almost any field the world has to offer. It might just become the biggest competition if not threat to many giants in the future.


Amazon recently launched “Chime”, its version of Skype. Primarily intended for business meetings and boardrooms, it provides great quality video links and can be synchronized across multiple devices. It keeps tracks of meetings with a graphical roster and runs on the AWS cloud. With chime Amazon is trying to take on Skype and maybe even Cisco.


Amazon Alexa
Amazon have been improving their voice assistant, “Alexa”. It now has 10,000 “skills” compare to 5,000 that it had it December 2016. Some serious work went into it to essentially double its functionality in less than a quarter of a year. These include the ability to trace deliveries and place orders among other things. It is well suited to take on Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google now and Microsoft’s Cortana.


Amazon Associates
Amazon’s affiliate program, Associates, has been restructured which pays website based on how much they direct traffic to amazon. Affiliates of this program include and The program affiliates rely on Amazon for part of their revenue.

Online Ads

Amazon product ads
Amazon also dug into the online advertisement market coming into direct competition with Facebook and Google. However, it was greatly successful in 2016 increasing by 60% in one year and reaching total add revenue of $1.3 Billion. Still smaller than Facebook and Google, the impressive pace at which it is rising is what should worry its competition.

Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Fire TV is a digital entertainment solution providing audio/video streaming similar to those of Google’s Chromecast and Apple TV. Being a small stick, it is popular as well as praised for have setting a new standard in the world of digital streaming boxes.

The Overall Attitude

Perhaps the reason for why Amazon has grown to such heights is that it is not afraid to make mistakes. The flop of the Amazon Fire Phone still didn’t deter them from showcasing the Echo a few weeks later. They are so bold that they may even go to length such as downright copying from competition. CEO Jeff Bezos stated that he is here to help people become bolder and himself has made many billions of dollars’ worth of failures.