Jaime Pressley is Pregnant with Twin Baby Boys!

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Baby news alert!

Jaime Pressley is pregnant!

The 39 year old actress was happily surprised by the news of being pregnant with two baby boys!

She shared the news she is expecting twin baby boys with boyfriend Hamzi Hijazi.

While she has confessed she was trying to get pregnant for quite some time with Hamzi, the news of twins came as a shock for both of them.

Jaime explained how she received the twins news,

“Twins don’t run on either side of our families so we were completely shocked – this wasn’t IVF or anything like that. It was just a shock, and I’m like, ‘Doctor, that’s impossible!’ ”


Jaime is already mother to a 10 year old boy and she commented on how perfect it is having twins,

“I’ve always wanted three kids and the older I’m getting, I’m like, ‘Okay, maybe just one more would be nice”

“I was getting a little sad, but it was like, ‘We’ll give you two in one. You don’t have to do another pregnancy.”

Jaime is besides herself with the happy news,

“They’ve been doing like, river dance on my uterus! I’m excited to do this 10 years later when I’m older and wiser and more calm. It’s going to be a totally different experience, but a great one. I’m so excited for it!”