Kanye West Loses His Mind, Literally !

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Kanye West

Soon after Kanye West rant on stage (video shown below) which included the rapper publicly railing against Beyoncé and Jay Z and endorsing President Donald Trump., Kanye was hospitalized to UCLA Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation. According to TMZ.com, West was being evaluated by a doctor for severe sleep deprivation and dehydration. It’s been reported that West tried to resist paramedics and had been handcuffed to a stretcher.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was pictured jetting out of LA in the early hours of Monday morning. West’s wife Kim Kardashian was in New York at the time and immediately got on a plane to fly back to LA to be at her husband’s bedside. She was scheduled to make an appearance at the Angels Ball with her sisters Monday night, her first public event since being robbed at gunpoint in Paris last month. She was 

As for the general public, many people have mixed reactions when it comes to Kanye West. Some say he’s a musical genius, while others say he’s an arrogant asshole. Kanye has changed over the years. Sometimes he has very expressive, and other times he has seemingly random outbursts about how he’s feeling. Some people love his rants, and others call them obnoxious. When Kanye canceled his entire tour after having another outburst on stage, people were angry but not many were asking “Is he OK?” A lot of his fans think his behavior is cool, and they never think anything else of it. Since the psych evaluation has been reported there isn’t much concern.