Kim Kardashian Makeup Line Is On The Way

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Kim Kardashian made a big splash starting her career with an infamous tape.

But since then, she has made herself into a business woman, model and all around mega star.


Do you want to know about her make-up line? Let’s take a look at her path towards owning a make-up brand!


This is the picture that propelled Kim Kardashian into the beauty industry.

You might had heard about “contouring” before Kim K posted these pictures but the vast majority of beauty lovers learned about it from her!

Every contouring trend to this day can be directed to these pictures – the beauty community has now expanded to bigger challenges and heavier make-up but we have to recognize Kim K as the “contouring” goddess.


As you would, Kim Kardashian never stopped looking better and better.

Her fashion and make-up are always perfect, flawless.

It came as no surprise that she is starting… her own make-up line!


KKW Beauty is the name of the brand and the launch is almost here – this June 21st.

All we know is what she teased with pictures – a contouring palette, some nude lipsticks… The colors in these teasers are always very neutral.

We’re guessing she has created her make-up line right along her famous looks – neutral lips, heavy contouring and dramatic eyes.


We can’t wait!