Kylie Jenner Loves Travis More Than She Ever Did Tyga…

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It seems Kylie Jenner has found out what true love is!

And it’s not a good thing for Tyga to hear…

It seems the young star was never very in love with her ex-Tyga because now she is saying she is feeling something “completely new” with her beau, Travis.

A source close to the star has said that

“Kylie definitely feels like she’s more in love with Travis than she ever was with Tyga.”

“That could be down to it still being early days between them, and she and Travis still getting to know each other fully — but she definitely seems the happiest she’s ever been.”

“Kylie feels like she’s finally in a real ‘grown-up’ relationship, with love, respect and trust. It’s a real eye opener for her and such a relief to have no constant drama going on.”

While we are terribly happy to hear the good news, that must come as a kick in the teeth for Tyga…

The 19 year old superstar Kylie and Travis, 25, have only been together for a few months but it seems they are stronger than she ever was with Tyga.



Her relationship with Tyga was marked by break-ups and drama so it must feel absolutely right to finally settle with someone without incidents…

Do you think this relationship finally has what she has been looking for?