Madonna Was Both “Mommy and Daddy” this Father’s Day

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Madonna is like Super Woman, we all know that. Endless strength, endless new goals, amazing career and kids to take care of.

Six children is not an easy task for anybody… Wow!

And it seems she’s not letting the Father’s take any of her credit – Guy Ritchie and Carlos Leon have been put in the corner because she does it all!

On this Father’s Day she made her point across regarding being the “only parent” to her children.

She posted a pic of a collage of pictures that said “Happy Mother’s Day Madonna” – but she went on to caption the pic,

“And Happy Father’s Day to Me too because lets face it…………Im the Mommy and the Daddy. I don’t care what the papers say.”

Ouch – that is a harsh statement to both Fathers…


Anyways, it might be true – she is, after all, a super hero so why shouldn’t she be a super Mom?

She has done a great job raising her kids and she just adopted two beautiful kids, Esther and Stella, this February. She sure loves being a Mother! 

Good for you Madonna but that comment might not sit well with your exes…