Weight Loss Mistakes that Can Undermine Your Progress

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Trying to change your lifestyle, diet and workouts in order to get a leaner shape can have it’s pitfalls.

Sometimes when you seem to be on a roll, a simple mistake can tear down all the hard work!

There is so much information about nutrition and exercise that you might be falling in some pretty honest mistakes that can hinder your progress…

These are the most common – pay attention!


You might now that one of the fastest ways to lose weight is to ditch the carbs, right?

Well, there is a downside to it… If you follow it to a tee and eliminate all carbohydrates from your diet your metabolism will actually slow down by half the normal value!

So, you should not go into this crash diet without carbs – just have a lower carb intake per day!

Fewer than 100 g but never less than 50g of carbs 3 days per week is the healthy way to shed some weight!

Every time we read or hear about a diet, it probably is restricting a group or variety of foods.

Sometimes you are told that some food is better than the other – so you concentrate all your diet to a small group of foods.

That results in magnifying the micro nutrients deficit from eating similar nutrients all the time!

Try to eat a variety of things every day – don’t let your body down by ingesting a small variety.

A small amount and a bit of every kind is enough – just keep a constant eye on the calorie count!

You know how sometimes you push yourself really hard as soon as you start a workout regimen?

Yes, it boosts your metabolism and it might help you shed weight but if you do it continuously you will stop the progress.

Why? The body adapts to your specially harsh workouts and slows down the process of burning calories.

You should start slower and easier, gradually working into harder exercises – don’t let your body stale on a difficulty level that is constant.

If you’re on a diet to lose weight, you probably are following a high-protein / low-carbs scheme.

The problem with this diet is that when followed for quite some time, it will leave your body without the calcium it needs to function!

If you take the diet as a command and let your calcium levels fall you might even end up with kidney stones…

When following this type of diet, you should take supplements of both calcium and Vitamin B3 (which helps absorbing calcium).

Don’t mess with your bones – stay safe.