Nail Art Designs Which Are On A Trending Spree

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During the summer, nail art designs are as important as your make-up style or apparel.

Your hands are always showing! It is all about the small details that make a huge difference.

If you haven’t checked your nails about the trendiest designs, it’s time to keep up to date.

These nail art designs are really fun and perfect for any situation!


Popsicle nails! This gradient is reminiscent of the 80’s style and fashion.

The bright and bold colors are to be used as you will.

Usually to create an ombré look you would have to find similar colors in order to achieve that perfect mix but not here!

Here you create ombrés with strikingly different colors – red and blue, purple and orange…

To achieve this look, paint a block of color on the first third of the nail and the last third. In between, you apply a mix of those colors with a small sponge, creating a good and soft effect.

You may not recognize this trend because it’s quite fresh! Have you seen the blotted lipstick? The same principle here.

These are the “tinted” nails – they are hugely popular in Asia and Korea!

They are very subtle but the result is striking.

Apply a rosy shade of nail polish in a rounded shape in the center of your nails and then blend it a bit out with a clear coating. The desired look is the same of a blush on your cheeks!


Negative spaces are King and Queen this Summer!

They are very expressive, striking and sleek. The design can be as simple as using some lines or dots – you just have to leave out some spaces where your nail is clear to sight.

Use stripes, lines or even small blocks of color – you can use tape to achieve crisp lines.


Bright colors are what the Summer is for!

This trend was huge on major runway shows and we can see why…

The concept is simple – instead of a whole nail with a coat of a bright color, use many different colors at the same time. Stripes remind us of the designs of clothing in the Summer, don’t they?

To achieve this look gather up some bold colors and apply them in horizontal lines. They don’t have to be crisp – if you need some help just use some nail art fine tape.

Get your colors on!