New Beauty Products 2017 – All the Buzz!

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You know how it goes!

Every year the beauty brands push the envelope a little further and there are launches you cannot miss!

There are many beauty products being launched all year long but there are some who are already iconic – and they’ve just been released or are only available on pre-order!

These are the new beauty products 2017 which will turn out to be a beautiful year – in every sense of the word…


Ever heard of Drunk Elephant? No, it’s not a cocktail. It’s actually a pretty awesome beauty brand!

The brand became a house hold name when they launched a sunscreen based on zinc – the perfect combo for a blemish free and beautiful skin.

Now they are ramping up the game – they have released the tinted version of the acclaimed face beauty balm! It will deliver a glowing skin while attending to its needs and protection.

Get it now!