The Most Beautiful Summer Fashion Trends For 2017

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We have rounded up the best and most beautiful summer fashion trends for 2017!

The definitive guide to colors, shapes and patterns that will make heads turn your way and style up your summers.

If you bet on these 5 Summer Fashion Trends For 2017 right, you won’t need to add anything else – let your figure blossom in these!

yellow summer fashion trends for 2017


Your skin tone is not an excuse not to rock a yellow style.

The happiest color of the wheel is back strong in all the catwalks and boutiques near you!

Choose a fitted dress or long t-shirt in a shade of yellow that you love and keep the rest of the outfit in neutral colors.

Let the sunshine in!

Sea Stripes

Pattern: Sea Stripes

The houses near the beach, the seaside, sun umbrellas and beach apparel– all of these bring to our imagination these classic stripes.

It’s time to capture the image of the sea our daily lives – let it run smooth as the ocean itself…

These stripes should always accentuate your figure. Horizontal stripes will tend to volumize your body while diagonal or vertical stripes will make you look leaner.

In t-shirts, pants, shoes or dresses, these lines are here to stay!

Accentuated Waistline

Shape: Accentuated Waistline

Waist cinchers are not a thing of the past.

Getting your waist to look tiny and having your body looking like the perfect hourglass shape is the goal.

Many dresses or shirts are already made with a waist band to accentuate that area but if you want an all-rounder piece, go for a large waist belt.

See the surprising effects of this trend!

Shoulder Cut Out

Cut: Shoulder Cut Out

This year, most dresses and shirts will have a cut out on one shoulder.

Why? Because it’s immediate style – effortlessly.

These cuts are usually on one of the shoulders and provide a casual yet striking look. Wear it down with sneakers and jeans or spice things up with a sexy dress! 

The cut out will always look cool.

Trench Coats

Piece: Trench Coats

With flowy and lightweight fabrics, enormous buckles to accentuate the waist and a casual touch, trench coats are one of the biggest trends right now.

Usually it is a piece that does not offer much of a “style” statement but this year things are different.

The perfect coat for all summer for it’s low maintenance and slouchy cuts and fabrics.


What is your favorite Summer Fashion Trend For 2017?