Summer Trend – Going Out Without a Bra!

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You might have a big cleavage. Or you may not have anything big to show!

It doesn’t matter it’s all about your comfort.

Celebrities don’t have perfect bodies or breasts themselves – but they are surely showing off this new Summer trend without a second thought…

This Summer, celebrities are showing that comfort comes first and feeling fresh is recommended.

Their street style is going braless!


If the temperature gets too hot, using a bra might seem a nightmare – so, why don’t dare going out without one?

Here are the pics to prove it’s ok!

Rihanna is not shy about showing her assets.

She has quite bigger breasts than most but it doesn’t stop her from leaving her bras at home.

And she looks awesome!

For all the ladies who think they have small breasts and they wouldn’t dare not to use a bra…

Here is Lily-Rose Depp on the red carpet without a sight of a bra.

Take her as an example as she has been seen braless from the red carpet to running errands!

Kim Kardashian is not one to refrain from any style.

Here she is strolling with her assistant in super casual pants and sneakers.

There is no bra and she has nothing to worry about!


Bella Hadid is a super model – yes she has got a great body but it takes some courage to go out braless!

She is seen many times looking very chic and polished without a bra… so can you!

Miley Cyrus joins all the parties – including the braless trend!

She is not new to this, she has ditched the accessory more times than not and she looks amazing either way!