7 Tech Trends Will Dominate 2017- Tech Trends of 2017

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There is really amazing the technologies we are having available in these days. The surroundings we see with the advancement of technology is awesome. We can get almost any information to communicate and interpret in a thousand ways using merely a device that suits in your pocket. It is always fascinating for the newest thing, and we can’t help but wait to have the wonders of latest technology to knock our doors.

Here is the catch, top major 7 tech trends we are now in store for in 2017. I do believe some of which will make you stagnant for a while to start your business, and it’s just a pretty good for the best you can choose. An entrepreneurship mind is always knocking you with, so think how you can make the best use of these technologies in order to get target people in new ways.

1 – Tech Trends of 2017- AR and VR.

Tech Trends of 2017- AR and VR.

Augmentative Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology have a big remarkable similarity and they are able to alter our perception of the world. And the difference is, able to present the perception of our presence. It transposes the user in order to bring us some place through closed goggles. Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR are some of the examples you may have heard or experienced. The market is yet wondering to be a great opportunity for the demand based marketing creation.

2 – Tech Trends of 2017- IoT and Smart Technologies

Tech Trends of 2017- IoT and Smart Technologies

The world is updated with more advanced technologies in no time. The Internet of Things (IoT) and smart home tech appliances are getting more popular for handy in these days to ease your life. Interconnectedness is a fact for IoT and it allows you handle multi-tasking activities simultaneously. There are so many individual applications but there has no integration of collaboration like merger and acquisition. With the time being the concept has changed and made better solutions to tie every functions togetherness. Now single user experience to have the bigger companies get uninformed like Google, Amazon, hunt Pokémon and Apple.

3 – Tech Trends of 2017- Manipulation of Big Data

Tech Trends of 2017- Manipulation of Big Data

Big Data has been a big deal with complex data processing application software including storing, apprehension,data curation, analysis, search, transference, visualization, questioning, sharing, updating and information confidentiality.  In a nut shell, Big data entails for a set of procedures and technologies including new forms of incorporation to disclose intuitions from data sets and are diverse, complex, and of a massive scale. Google talk is now command prompt with saying ‘Ok Google’ that maintain vast data integration like Siri and Cortana.

4 – Tech Trends of 2017- Machine Learning

Tech Trends of 2017- Machine Learning

Machine learning may appear with the concept of making learn able to the computer for a quick response. The computer only knows 0 and 1 of its way to recognize. It is such an approach for comprehension of the computer that anything input can turn into machine language. It assists maintaining google algorithm to enhance google core search.In 2017 the machine learning update has come up with almost all types of customs app for a better recommendation based on dispatching user experience of an analytics app. This machine learning has been new dimension like artificial intelligence, consciousness intelligence, emotion intelligence etc.

5 – Tech Trends of 2017- Automation

Tech Trends of 2017- Automation
Automation for factory or industry has found an ideal dimension to auto manipulate the undone task in a way to reduce time and cost. The human-exclusive task has been enabling automated for the advancement of technology. From small to giant robots are helping in performing a complex process in a factory to run smoothly. When machine learning includes with automation all happen in a dreamlike. Soon the drone will be used for delivering products. As a result, some jobs will almost disappear and make the workingman as more creative to functionalize alternate way. So, this is a big deal for 2017 to show its potentiality to be a landmark year.

6 – Tech Trends of 2017- Physical Digital Integration

 Tech Trends of 2017- Physical Digital Integration

When you feel tired with you about doing works physically, and distorted mind doesn’t allow you to work more, digital assistance and integration will prevail you with like the world at your feet. Technologists still in search of new thoughts generating to avoid the manual task that may take more years to complete. Mobile devices with some various essential apps

Add up to make technology oriented for your everyday life. We cannot expect a single day without a smart phone and it always serves us providing information what is happening in the real world. E-commerce is a fact through which, it has been able to purchase products from online shops or to hail taxis with a single tap on your device. And the next level we are expecting to have supplementary assimilation between physical and digital legitimacy. Amazon, E-bay, Alibaba and Walmart having more physical products, they are advancing with digital features, store maps, product trials, and soon the usage of a drone to provide products for home delivery.

7 – Tech Trends of 2017- On demand technologies

Tech Trends of 2017- On demand technologies

People are getting smarter than ever. They no longer have to wait for a taxi to go. What do they do? The do, just a single tap of their phone for using vehicle calling app to hail in real time advance booking. Moreover, the operator service providers have another smart technology they use to manage their fleet in a new way like navigation, friendly tracking service, ride share, and so forth to maintain dispatch solution. Uber is merely an app but what it does is really a great task. Soon or later, we are having everything as we dream of.

2017 is really a year to move on faster and to achieve the target of unfinished jobs in the stranger territory. It is more interesting that anyone can make a prediction about the tech future for years ahead. So the surprises await you for a variety of directions, proper decisions, planning execution, revaluation, sorting, debugging, making a pilot project to make it happen for the betterment of humankind. God has given us the intrinsic flair, the duty is yours to unleash the potentials and make the world eco-friendly.