The $5 Billion Apple Park – Futuristic Corporate Office For Apple Employees

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Apple plans to kick off its second campus  known as the “Apple Park”, a 2.8 million square foot circular building that will now be the home for Apple’s offices. The new campus is located in Cupertino, California. Apple began work on the project in 2013, although planning had begun a few years earlier.

1 – The Circular Ring

It was announced back in 2006 by  CEO, Steve Jobs, that Apple had acquired nine consecutive properties to build its new campus on. Now Apple looks to open up the doors to its new site in early 2017. The entire project is estimated to have cost $5 Billion dollars with $160 million alone for the purchase of land.

2 – Solar Panels for Energy Supply

The building itself is a big circular ring that encompasses a large courtyard in the middle. The complex was not however always intended to be a perfect circle. There are a total of 9 semi atriums that divide the complex into 8 buildings. The roof of the entire campus is covered with solar panels that will generate up to 16 Megawatt of electricity alongside other methods (fuel cells) that will contribute another 4 Megawatt. It has been dubbed the “spaceship” for its UFO like looks.

3 – Landscaping all over the Area

Lots of landscaping has been done as most of the roads, parking and service tunnels have been hidden underground. The central courtyard of the campus is a whopping 30 acres big and will contain a pond and intertwining pathways surrounded by fruit bearing trees, inspired by Californian orchards. Special drought resistant trees are being planted at the facility. Apple aims to have 80% of the area as green space and wants to utilize recycled water.

4 – Space for Everyone

The office building will have space for 12,000 employee offices that Apples will shift from its current location in the same town. It also has room for 14,500 cars to be parked inside the campus. Apple CEO Tim Cook also plans on moving to the new site once it is ready.

5 – Steve Jobs Auditorium

Other key facilities at the new campus include: a visitor center for the general public, an Apple store for purchases of Apple products, a café that can serve 15,000 lunches a day and accommodate a total of 3000 people, the 1000 seat “Steve Jobs Auditorium”, a gym that will serve 20,000 people, a brand new R&D facility and transit center.

6 – The Predicted Finished Look

The Apple Park is scheduled to open in the April of 2017