Tips and Habits That Will Make You Shed That Weight!

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In order to shed those extra few pounds you might need to rethink some habits…

If your workouts seem impractical and are not helping you achieve results you need to check this list out.

Some habits may be hard to follow for someone who is not mentally available for such change but these are the changes you need to accomplish to finally lose that weight!

Sugar is Out

This might well be one of the toughest decisions to follow.

avoid sugar


Working out is not the end of the extent of changes you need to lose weight.

Cut out all forms of sugar – even honey. The cravings will be the worst in the beginning but after you get used to it you will notice the changes…

You will become stronger, feeling happier and your body will be rid of the heavy levels of sugar!

Create New Goals at Every Workout

If you stop shedding weight but you still workout it’s time to challenge yourself.

new goals for excercise

Some people follow the same routine over and over again and they don’t go for higher goals.

Your body will become accustomed to the same exercises over and over so you need to create some new challenging goals.

Increase the weights you lift, run for a couple more minutes, hold the plank for a bit longer.

Pushing yourself a bit every time will keep your body on point.

Ban Alcohol from Your Diet

It is essential that not a drop of alcohol enters your system.


No alcohol

While it might not be an easy one to follow during the Summer, it is certainly not the hardest.

A single beer can hold up your metabolism for days.

You will notice how your body will become used to the lack of drinking and you’ll stop craving it in those Summer nights.

Protein and Fat Are Your New BFF’s

If you are serious about losing weight, ditch the carbs.

ditch the carbs

You don’t even notice the amount of carbs you ingest during a regular day… If left unchecked, it’s easy to have way more than 60% carbs in your diet!

Healthy fats and protein are your new friends – fish or chicken with broccoli can be your new dinner.

If you feel hungry between meals you should go for a protein smoothie.

You might feel a bit off during the first days of this new diet but it’s nothing that will stop you.


Your scale will make sure you smile after not that long!