Top 5 Entrepreneurs Who Went From Broke To Billionaire

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When we look at the lifestyle of successful business entrepreneurs, we get really impressed and only look at the successes they have achieved. We forget that, Success is not a miracle, It needs real hard-work and dedication. However, often enough the general public only seem to look at the tip of the iceberg. Coming from virtually nothing to becoming the masterminds and leaders of tomorrow, here are the Top 5 successful business entrepreneurs who went from Broke to Rich.

5 – Do Won Chang

Net Worth: 2.8 billion USD (2016)

Do Won Chang

Forever 21 is probably one of the most well known clothing brand in the world. However little did we know that when Do Won Chang started this brand, it was initially called Fashion 21. Do Won Chang’s story goes as followed:

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Moving from South Korea to the United States in 1981, Do Won Chang was faced with meeting ends meet by working 3 jobs. He worked as a janitor, gas station attendant, barista, husband, and a father. Do Won Chang later then decided to pursue a retail career as he was pumping gas and, of course, that retail career later turned into Fashion 21. Opening up his first store in downtown LA, he made over $700,000 in revenue his first year. As time progresses, Do Won Chang sets the bar for not only the fashion industry, but for all Asian American Immigrants, by setting an example to never give up. That right there is the key to being an influencer at best.

  • Austin Grochowalski

    I like his last name. I say what I want to do Is something they all probably thought about. I want to start an industry that hires and employs everyone at 25000 a year. Not only would I keep taxes every year I can say I’ll be able to grow industry with no problem.

    • Shayan

      Thats a great dream Austin, I Hope you accomplish that very soon , Good Luck !

    • JodeBlampette

      25,000 a year? That’s 1250 an hour. That’s not a living wage. Why did you pick that number?