Tyra Banks is Back on America’s Next Top Model ,Explains Why

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Tyra Banks is back on hosting America’s Next Top Model!

Tyra Banks

The TV personality, former model, author and business woman has made the decision to get back in guiding young girls achieving their dream!

And why did she decide to get back on the judge chair?

She explains,

“Fans drew me back, blowing up my social media – they were very adamant and very emotional.”

America's Next Top Model

Rita Ora had taken her place as the host of the show for a season but Tyra is back on her most famous role yet!

She has already made some major decisions about this new season such as eliminating the age limits,

“I say screw the number. Throw away age!”

“It’s not how old you are, it’s how old you look. So if you are 42 and you look 27, honey, you should model for 27-year-old things. Then once you do look 42 there’s a hell of a lot of 42-year-old women that want to look at somebody that looks like them.”

tyra banks in yellow

Tyra Banks is unstoppable at 43 years of age and she is not showing signs of stopping!

The new cycle of the hit TV show is due to start filming this summer and can you believe it is the 24th season already?!

tyra banks back on ANTM