Val Kilmer is Fighting Cancer …with Faith?

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Val Kilmer is the representation of what an A-lister is all about.

Good looks, killer acting skills and a stellar career make Kilmer one of the best known names and faces in the history of Hollywood.

The “Top Gun” actor, aged 47, has admitted his two year battle with cancer this May – and he is unrecognizable…

He is certainly looking very ill and just a mere illusion of his jovial face and fuller body but he is insisting that his faith is the right cure for cancer!

It seems Val Kilmer has been postponing some medical treatments in favor of praying and doctors are starting to show some concern for the star.

“If Val Kilmer is relying solely on faith to battle his cancer, he is denying himself life saving treatment!” said Dr. Jerome Spunberg.

Spunberg is not his doctor but he is one of the many doctors who are finding Val Kilmer’s attitude towards such a serious condition a bit too “relaxed” to say the least.

Besides, they are worried about his current condition – has the cancer spread? What is the status?

Please Val Kilmer, check your health!